Popular Instagram ghost blogger Gistlover has shared deep insight into the breakup between Fancy Acholonu and Alexx Ekubo.

Recall that Fancy Acholonu called off her wedding with Alexx Ekubo a few months after the event. The reason for her decision was not communicated clearly in her write-up. However, a lot of netizens concluded that Fancy discovered that Alexx Ekubo was gay; a rumor that has been peddling around for some months.

According to a fresh revelation by Gistlover, Fancy called off the wedding with Alexx because the latter threatened to sue Fancy after seeing that Alexx is bisexual. According to Gistlover, Fancy did not have evidence of what she saw hence succumbing to threats from Alex.

“……. speaking to an insider and a close family friend Vawulence headquarters got to know that the matter was messy and Alex threatened to sue and make a case out of it if fancy comes out to tell what she saw as fancy no sharp, she no get receipt to back am up, so they allowed the matter died down and internet inlaw started dragging Alex say make him ZUKAWANIKE….” part of the post said.