The skit maker who was last year detained by the Navy for contravening some military laws, revealed this on his official social media pages.

In a lengthy message that detailed his profound gratitude to the Nigerian Navy for giving him an opportunity to serve, Cute Abiola said that the Force had instilled in him the required capacity to succeed in life.

The comedian urged his many fans to help him thank the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Awwal Zubairu Gambo, and his senior colleagues, for contributing greatly to his career.

Cute Abiola went further to say that the fact that the Chief of the Navy approved his exit to pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry shows that the Navy cares about the dreams of its officers.

In his words:

“With profound gratitude, I deeply appreciate the Nigerian Navy for giving me the uncommon opportunity to imbibe discipline through a regimented procedure in the areas of career development, moral values, work ethics, to mention but a few. I can dauntlessly say that, I have the required intelligence and human development finesse to continue to live a prosperous life.

I urge all my fans to join me in appreciating the Chief of Naval Staff and all my senior colleagues for contributing immensely to my career development, while I used their pedestal to realize my duty of protecting and defending our dear Country. Sincerely, Nigerian Navy has become my roadmap to a sustainable career path.

I was overwhelmed with regards to the approval of my exit from the Navy by the Chief of Naval Staff so as for me to have enough time to passionately pursue my dreams. This singular act of the Chief of Naval Staff is highly terrific and it shows how the Navy is very passionate about the dreams of their officers.

I am still a part of the Nigerian Navy family, and I promise to continue to positively represent the Nigerian Navy either in Nigeria or abroad. I am proud to have served in Such an institution like the Nigerian Navy.

I want to sincerely appreciate all my Senior Colleagues, colleagues and junior colleagues who were very instrumental to my success story, for my wish to you is fair winds and following seas, because I know you will remain always faithful.

Thank you the Nigerian Navy